Saturday, 14 September 2013

Teemu: Signs

The secret feature is almost ready, but it has to wait for other GUI elements to settle, because there is a new arrangement in that area coming.

For another new level theme I needed a new object type which is a sign. With the introduction of game objects (other than enemies and items) the source code has suddenly taken a step to more complex class hierarchy. I really try to keep the game object class (and derived classes, actual game objects) as simple as possible to avoid same kind of trouble as I have in Kaduria. Still, it already starts to look similar system I'm using in Kaduria, just in much smaller scale.

Started to const correct object strings, because I want to change message routines to std::string the way I now have in Kaduria. It's much better that way, but of course means some rewriting.

I'm also keeping a daily LOC count just for fun, to see how much code is actually written for the new version.

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