Saturday 28 September 2013

Stone muffin

There was some talk at RogueTemple about Abura Tan, an abandoned roguelike project by Michael Blackney. I remember couple of years ago I tried to create an SDL version, but in HD failure I lost the open project. However I was able to find just one backup which I guess was the latest one.

It did not compile right away in the latest GCC version, but it was quite easy to fix couple of errors it had. It runs, but there is a bug in display routines which I guess is my fault. When changing from DOS (an old operating system) type output to SDL I made some kind of error. In fact the problem is that I don't understand the gameview code. It's quite weird.

There were 99 warnings (using relatively strict compiler settings). I've fixed them to 80, but there are still work to do. Lots of shadow variables which may be a source of possible bugs. I could also search for "the usual suspects" of C programming. Things like malloc/free, memcpy, void* pointers etc.

This is a "spare" time project that could be useful once it's ready for a release. Someone may find it easier to continue from a project which can be compiled and run in modern environments. Also, some better programmer than me can then fix the display routine bug.

For some reason I call this version the Stone Muffin project. I don't know where I get these ideas.

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