Sunday 24 November 2013

Floor project

I need to move Teemu back to my tabletop computer, I can't do a shit to it with a laptop. I wonder if it's true with my music projects as well? Maybe I should get a real computer for it, too? And throw that god damn Fujitsu laptop to moon.

About moving, we're re-doing the floor of "my" music studio room. It means I have moved stuff out from the room for last two days and it's going to take this day too. It's crazy, because I realize now how much I have ridiculous crap I don't need. I'm either going to sell it or throw as far as I can.

Moving that crap somehow brings memories from the time when I was 14 and we went to Sweden for a brief period of time that possibly ruined my chances for a better life (than this I now have). Yes I want to whine, it's fun. I'm going to whine until I get my roguelike projects ready. And then I'm going to start another roguelike project.

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Jotaf said...

No reason to stop whining just because you finished a successful roguelike :P
I'm also on a laptop and it feels much less productive than a desktop computer. I think it's the keyboard and mouse; the screen is ok I guess. I'm gonna leave a desktop keyboard and mouse at the table where I work to connect to the laptop, because even if I get comfortable with it, I don't think the performance hit will ever go away entirely.