Sunday, 27 October 2013

Hardware talk

I've moved Teemu to my laptop, but I just don't seem to get anything done, because the laptop itself is just so crappy. It's Fujitsu-Siemens and it has extremely poor keyboard and bad screen with shiny surface (reflecting everything like a mirror). I never understood why they invented that kind of screen surface type.

My main computer (Acer desktop) is a bit noisy, but LG Flatron has proved to be an excellent monitor and I also have great Filco Tenkeyless keyboard. The reason I need another computer is music and for that you really need a silent computer like most laptops compared to basic (cheap) desktop computers. I have of course replaced the hideous default power supply of Acer, because it was ridiculously noisy, but still you would need extra equipment to make desktop computer silent.

I've planned to get another computer for music and one of the options could be Apple Mac Mini desktop. It's not too expensive, but the downside is a need for another HD monitor. So it would be around 1000€. (Or it could be iMac that has monitor included.) Since I'm currently unemployed that kind of money is not something to spend carelessly. But possibly selling some of my guitar gear will make it less difficult.

The reason why I'm thinking of Apple is Windows Fucking 8. I'll never going to use it and most new Windows computers have pre-installed 8. Besides I've heard that MacOS has much less those usual problems Windows has.

The best solution would be that hardware development would be updated to space age so we wouldn't need to struggle with computers like PC and operating systems like Windows. But I guess it's better to keep things crappy so people spend more money on equipment.

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