Saturday, 19 October 2013

Abura Tan project page

In case you missed it:

Anssi moved the project to github and he has done something to it, but I don't know how serious he is about developing it.

I'm focused to a 3D modeling project and keeping a break from programming. But last night I had an idea (again) of a new project that could be also a kind of framework at the same time with the new SDL 2.0 version included.

Framework programming is.. nice. I like it when there is no pressure to create an actual game, just a framework or engine to it. I wish some day I could create a good framework as a platform to real games with the main idea of having a small core that can be extended easily without getting into usual roguelike programming troubles.

I don't know when Teemu is going to be in release condition. It doesn't need much work, though. It's more about what I still want to add in it.

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