Saturday, 5 March 2016

7DRL day 1: Procedural routine

I woke up early, depressed and not ready for the 7DRL challenge. In fact I've had so called "real life" issues lately. But I started the project anyway. The first thing I noticed how stupid procedural programming really is. In class programming you set up variables in the constructor and they can be then used by member functions. But in C you have to pass everything to the function and not only that the function returns some kind of value or object that has to be maintained somehow.

I can do the first part, but I'm just going to use C++ style containers for the objects and that's it. I think it's possible to decrease the painful amount of parameters by creating compound data structs you then pass as reference. It's possible that I also need to shift my thinking from small C++ style functions to larger, more generic functions.

This first day is going to be setting up basics in the source code and I could also draw quick placeholder type tiles and other graphics needed. Lot of the source code is coming from other projects, but it has to be "proceduralized" which is going to be fun I guess.

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