Sunday, 6 March 2016

7DRL day 2: Tiles

I now have a program that runs, it has SDL 2 basics, but doesn't yet even have graphics routines. It seems I'm going to write this dev blog in advance to what I'm trying to do for each day. This day I should draw tiles and try to create a tile drawing routine.

I've already had trouble with procedural programming. I started to wonder how it's possible to store global data without classes, but of course it's possible to malloc memory and then point to it.. but how to use that memory without a class? I think C has structs, so they are kind of classes I guess. A class is such a fundamental building block in programming that I just gave up and created one to hold generic gui data, like keyboard commands and later graphics.

I think it was already a bad idea to try the procedural style. The source code will look quite strange if I'm ever going to finish this project. It's already a mix of functions, classes and even one datatype class I've been using a lot in my other projects. But who knows, maybe this is an opportunity to learn something.

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