Friday 23 September 2016

SDL2 in OSX with CodeLite

If you are searching for information about things in the title I'm sorry, you wont find anything helpful in this entry. It looks like no one ever set up a SDL2 project on OSX using CodeLite. This far I have managed to install CodeLite. Then there were missing "developer tools" which can be installed typing gcc in terminal. OSX will detect if gcc is missing and asks to install developers tools.

I have SDL2 installed, it's in the Library as something called "framework". For some reason I can compile a large project with number of SDL2/SDL.h references, but the linker fails which I guess means something, but what. OSX can't work things the simple way. As far as I can understand you can't show the compiler and linker where SDL2 files are, it has to be done with "framework". I just don't know how, there is no such information on the internet. Yes, call the internet, I'm asking for that information.

Although, even if I can't run the project I can prepare the source code for OSX simply by making sure it compiles. But I'm going to continue the painstaking research about SDL2 + CodeLite + OSX and if succeeding pass that to my cv when I'm applying to fucking NASA. They will immediately hire me, because it's harder than rocket science.

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