Wednesday 14 September 2016


I think my PC survived the notorious Anniversary Update of Windows 10. In fact I updated it manually, because the older version started to have that annoying 50% cpu updater loop problem. I hope Microsoft would just fix that problem, because it seems to come back on regular basis. It's a bug that prevents the Windows updater from updating and it was introduced I think after Microsoft first released Windows 10.

Also updated Teemu from VS2010 to 2015. It was surprisingly easy, I just had to copy SDL2 stuff to VS directories. It's the way I have always setup SDL, just copy include and lib stuff to the compiler's directories.

VS2015 is not that bad. It's a little bit slower than 2010, but it has more modern C++ compiler and I think W4 warning level works nicely, although it doesn't seem to catch all similar code for warnings which is weird. At first it was annoying to adjust "space rules", because there are lot of them for no good reason. It should have been an optional feature for those who wants that kind of stuff, not something you have to turn off one rule at a time.

I'm again trying to proceed in Teemu and it's possible if I try to keep the current technical implementation and concentrate on the game design.

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