Thursday, 26 January 2012

Framework classes

There are now 15 classes in the framework. Still, I want to extend the framework to higher level classes. Some of my goals are GUI itself and a generic Message class to output roguelike style messages. The current one in Kaduria is a real mess, it's very big and confusing so I have to think hard to create a better one.

This is the current list of classes and enums. Tar_Ball is a serialization class with binary/text data format. I'm quite proud of it actually. One of the problems I have to tackle is how class instances should be created. This far instances like Keyboard and Random_Generator are global, because there is only need for a single instance. It's not modular, but I don't know a better solution. Although Random_Generator could have several instances in classes where random numbers are needed, but the seeding should then happen somewhere else. Classes that are global usually can't be used as local instances, because they load stuff or are otherwise heavy to initialize.

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