Saturday 21 January 2012

Plans for the next 7DRL

I have an idea that could be implemented as 7DRL. While working on Kaduria (and Teemu) I have possibly started to think that a tile should own everything it has. In practice this means that each tile should have container list for items, flags for different stuff etc. For some people this is the way to do things anyway, but it's new to me, because this far a map has been just a collection of tiles, a simple 2D matrix. But when you think a tile as an object that can hold and own stuff it begins to look more and more a good idea. It makes many things easier, but could possibly make others harder.

Another thing I want to try is game objects without inheritance. Just one class for all game object types. It should be easier to do now when I have more knowledge about data-driven style.

If the "tile based" approach works really well there may be a brief refactoring session in Kaduria...

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Trystan said...

The tile thing sounds interesting. I'll keep an eye on your entry.

I am a big fan of using data rather than inheritance, especially if your game makes use of that. Games where an item can be food and a weapon (baguette?) are cool.