Monday, 23 January 2012


Thought it would be a good idea to create a generic framework for the next project which is that 7DRL I was talking about in the previous entry. I have programmed some modular classes during these years which I have used in my projects. You can view some of them in Teemu's source code, especially in 'classes' subdirectory. What I want to do is make them even better and for that I'm using GCC which is more anal about purity of C++. I will also compile the code with Visual C++, because it's my main development tool.

Building a framework or a library of useful generic classes is wise. It reduces the amount of time spent in setup of a new project and improves code quality since usually those classes have experienced a good amount of testing. What I also would like to achieve is a number of higher level classes that could be used as a base for each new project. For example this far each GUI class has been specific for that project, but I'm hoping to create a generic GUI class which then can be extended with new features.

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