Wednesday 30 May 2012

Got a job

I've got two weeks free, then I'll return to my work where I was more than a year ago. I "promised" myself not to do that again and find a real job somewhere with more income. Well that didn't happen and I was kind of forced to accept this job, because the way unemployment system works here in Finland. If you don't accept a job they stop giving you money, so it's a lose-lose situation for people who are not active enough to find a proper job. Low wage jobs are the result of current right-wing politics. These people want to return to good old slavery times, really. Not only that, I met my new boss briefly and there is something wrong with that person. He pulled me away into a corridor to explain what were my tasks in the job, as if it was some kind of secret no one should hear. What a creep.

I'm actually quite depressed. Maybe I need to be more to get out of this situation. I don't like what's happening in my life.


Mario Donick said...

The unemployment system in Germany works similar -- but at least you don't need to sell insurances or newspaper subscriptions or sth. like that (do you?)

Good luck, and don't think too bad about everything.

Krice said...

The job itself is pretty good. I'm an IT assistant in an office, helping ordinary people tackle with computer shit. It's just the people, I'm not a people person myself. I hate almost everyone, at least these dumbs in this inbred village. A typical Finn is not that intelligent you know. I'm a special case of course, because a genius like me is born maybe only once in 500 years. So you can imagine how ordinary people and their dumbness is making me one angry bird.

Mario Donick said...

Then maybe you can get enjoyment out of the fact that you are the one who tells less intelligent people what to do.

Tell them, as side notes, that you're not only knowing how to use computers. Tell them you can program computers! Use this to make them admire you! :D Then you'll enjoy the job!

But stay nice ;)

Krice said...

I get no enjoyment from such thing. It's sad that people are much simpler than me. As a superior being I can see how people suffer from their low intelligence, but I can't do anything to help them.

Joseph said...

I feel your pain Krice. I live in a redneck American town far far away from any major city. It's crazy. People just get pregnant and value ignorance.

You'd probably kill yourself here man. Finland is one of the most education nations on the planet. Like top 3 if I'm not mistaken. The US is way down on the list and NO ONE who seeks higher education stays in this town. It's crazy.

Also areas like this have almost twice the obesity rate as the average. So basically every day I'm faced with fat fucking retards. I'm surprised they can tie their shoes. That's not a joke. It surprises me to see well tied shows around here. Half the time the don't bother.

Just trying to give you some perspective man. I work for 10 bucks an hour out here, and that's considered pretty good. For comparison you can go to McDonalds twice on 10 bucks and rent + utilities is about $600 if you're lucky.

I'll trade locations Krice. Anyday brother. Anyday.

Joseph said...

Ah shit there were a ton of typos in that last message. Kinda makes my point I guess. Even the top .1% of intelligent Americans can't fucking write a comment without failing.