Sunday, 10 September 2017

Recover from rage quit

After problems with gdb not catching simple crashes of a program I went back to Visual Studio. Microsoft had already released 2017 version (I had 2015). I like the installer of 2017, you can select only those parts you need, from programming languages to technology pieces. With regular C++ I also installed Linux tools, because it made me giggle. I don't know what they are, but I guess there were some talk about Windows trying to emulate the linux style command line workflow. It would be cool if it was possible to build projects just like in linux, but I doubt it.

The double account issue was also fixed, I went to msdn forums to ask about it and there is a special console for Visual Studio where you can reset the account. Seems like that another account went away, it could have been some kind of glitch and no one in reality was able to create an actual account to download my source code. Which is a fear I have, because VS has all that connectivity to clouds and team systems. I have obviously turned those features off.

Teemu's level system is more or less ready, but I realized there is no need to store object handles to level's map, because they are not owned by it. I could just make one "global" map and use it, that way a big amount of data would be removed from save game and memory. That map already exists in form of gameview class which has dynamic stuff like fov and lighting. Other than that the "map tile as object" broke some things from level generation. For example shallow water is no longer created. I hope it's fixed by itself when I go back to map that has only raw data and no objects.

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