Friday 15 September 2017

Teemu ARRP Diary 1/3

This weekend is ARRP, annual roguelike release party. I'm not going to be releasing Teemu 1.3 just yet, but in the spirit of the party I'm going to program Teemu for these three days and see what happens. Today I have cleaned up some namespace issues and I have a plan to write a text parser for external text data (from a file).

The parser a big deal, because I haven't used external data other than pixel based data for tiles. But it makes a lot of sense to create text based raw data which is then parsed into form that the program can use. I already have that functionality, but when the "raw" data is inside the source code it creates a duplicate of that data. It's not a problem with text data as resource, but it would be neat to use external text data, also for the reason that changing that data doesn't require building the project.

The gameview is also a big mess, but it should be easy to fix. In any case I have learned to concentrate on one problem at a time and today it could be the text parser.

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