Sunday 17 September 2017

Teemu ARRP Diary 2/3

It's already sunday, but I partied so hard that I forgot to report my progress. I confirmed that loading from text data works and it can also remove unwanted spaces etc. The parser is only about 20 lines of C++ code, but it can only get and store pieces of text. However it could be interesting to make it more complex, because I have been thinking about using external data.

Next I wanted to fix re-making of level for testing. The problem was and is that for some reason I have a "static" list for stairs which are copied to each level instance. That's why I can't just delete the level instance and make a new one, which would be the best solution. So I spent some time writing some routines that clear some things from each level class from the hierarchy. It probably works ok, other than the first level size will be always same. This could be changed, but some level themes should keep the size, because there are multiple layers of that same level. The lighthouse for example, it has multiple levels with the same base level stored in World class. There is also a bug related to that, because when you go at the top level it's a copy of the beach. This means you could change something in the beach and it wouldn't show in top level. Copying terrain tiles to top level every time the player enters there could be easy, but game objects are more difficult, because if they are copies it could create some interesting problems. That's why the interaction must be limited when you are on top of the lighthouse.

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