Friday, 27 August 2010

Playtesting day 2

It's funny what things you find when you actually play your game. First fail was in the way throwing hit removes all power points from the monster. That obviously makes possible to repeat attack until the monster is dead. How could I miss that one?

There was also a huge bug in object spawning. The code was trying to create item or monster only once and if something was in that place, it failed. I noticed the bug when I was trying to find an important quest item from the level and it was not there. I think this bug is actually in the current version 1.11! Good thing is that no one actually plays Teemu. This second bug is already fixed and it's giving a message if item creation fails, so I can keep track of those situations, should they now ever occur.

I keep dying in starvation all the time, but of course now when spawner is working correctly there are also more food items created. I planning to release 1.2 when I can play it through.


Jotaf said...

Well, good luck with your playthrough! :P About your last post, of course this is based only on the code you showed so it may not apply, but it could be better for Get_Slot() to return -1 as a code for "no item"; then in all the code that looks like that you wouldn't need to remember the "else" case. (Could probably be useful in other cases...)

Krice said...

In fact it does return -1 and also accepts null pointer as a pointer argument so you could re-write this:

if (light_item!=0) tb.Put(tool_inventory->Get_Slot(light_item));
else tb.Put(-1);

To this: