Saturday, 28 August 2010

Playtesting day 3

I'm in halfway of the adventure. After surviving food clock it's actually quite nice to play. New items are useful as I expected. What I really miss is a good game system with sensible hit points and damage modelling. The current game system  in Teemu is just so braindead. Kicking is probably the most effective way for close combat and throwing bones and coconuts seem to be the way to kill everything fast.

I was thinking of adding some kind of armour class system, but with simple items like a shield for main protection and deflecting attacks. Somehow it's starting to look like Teemu is going to be amazingly similar to Zelda when you think of it. I don't want to "clone" Zelda in any form to avoid being sued by Nintendo, but I'm going to keep it as simple as you can in roguelike way.

That and many other new ideas are however not going to be included in v1.2 which is going to be just an engine update with some new items. I'm very careful  not to repeat the mistake I made with Kaduria, of course. It's wise to think before planning or adding new features. Soon you will be overpowered by the demands of features and unable to release a working version of the game, because there is always something unfinished.

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