Tuesday, 24 August 2010


Loading save game fails completely. GDB is as cryptic as ever. It doesn't even show a backtrace which makes it hard to understand where the bug is (well it's obviously in save and/or load game, but where...). Output shows a lot of "frames-invalid", that's GDB's way to tell that the program crashes. I know that! Now it could be a good moment to move this project to VC++.

Found it. I was using good old "get key" to see the point where it exits. The bug was in player's save game so it was quite easy to search. I was saving the light item's slot id to restore the light item pointer when game is loaded, but I forgot to save -1 in case there is no light item in use:

if (light_item!=0) tb.Put(tool_inventory->Get_Slot(light_item));
else tb.Put(-1);

I forgot that else line and of course the load game was loading the value when there was none saved.

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