Thursday 7 October 2010

Gui programming part 2

Refactored the map editor of Brick Atelier, though it's missing implementation of some drawing tools. If I want to get them working I need to create another layer and a mouse hook just like in main editor. I guess it's not that hard and it's nice to have circle and box drawing routines for map editing.

It was easy to add the icon set for map editor tools and I'm glad I wrote a (more) modular icon set class earlier, because I was already thinking about icon sets for other than the main editor.

I'm programming Brick Atelier mainly at work which is kind of strange, but I have some spare time to spend and I'm just slowly programming stuff and trying to make the time fly faster. It certainly does. I don't know any other activity that makes time go faster than programming. Well, maybe it's the same for things that require concentration.

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