Wednesday 20 October 2010

Throwing coconuts

Refactoring Teemu's GO_Creature::Throw_At_Me routine to generic collision routine between two objects of any type. It has involved some thinking and five new functions. When it's done it should not be too hard to change the actual throwing loop to handle all object types. It means that in future you can throw other objects than items. The main application are smaller monsters that can be kicked away, but maybe also chests. Even doors could fly away by force like explosion.

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Anonymous said...

"Even doors could fly away by force like explosion."

Or kicked/thrown by a berserking troll? My image of encountering a troll is that it throws all available objects at its reach at you, or even graps you and throws to the wall.

Maybe the player could get a outburst of rage giving him extra strength in certain situation. Player could lose his weapon and be near death, when he would "get enough", grab a table and throw some orcs with it.