Thursday 21 October 2010

Throwing chairs

I have moved Throw_At_Me function in the game object base class and it's not even a virtual function, mainly because it's calling virtual functions to get different types of results with derived objects. However I think the main throwing loop must be made virtual, because there are type specific things involved. Another option could be a collection of smaller virtual functions.

An example is the way object is landed after throwing. When you throw something at a big object like closed door the object isn't placed at the same place, but in front of it. The rules also change when you can throw other objects than items. This rule could be a small virtual function. The reason I need virtual functions is that I planned the base class so that it doesn't know the main type of the object. It's a small but important detail and leads to a design style where virtual functions are responsible for getting the proper result when something is done with the object. I think that's how it should be done, because the other option would lead to type-check code with special cases and that's something to avoid when you try to make a generic engine to drive the gameplay content.

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