Friday, 22 October 2010

Kicking ass

Level::Throw_Loop is now generic. It came with a cost though, since some operations needed to be moved back to caller, especially deleting the object if it's destroyed in throwing collision. I have to see if it's possible to write a generic destroying routine, but I think it will be difficult.

When testing kicking with creatures I also noticed that the projectile has to be removed from the level list while it's flying. You could do self-checks, but only for some things. The list routines are buried such deep into the level structure that it's just easier to remove the object, then make it fly and after that add back to the level list. This could mean some extra Add/Remove -functions for different types of objects, but it's only a minor style issue.

It was nice to see that I could kill another monster by kicking a monster at it. The damage routine isn't very sophisticated, since you can kill a monster effectively by kicking a chicken at it. That needs some adjusting, but it's closely related to the gameplay system which is very crude at the moment. The projectile could also be damaged and even killed. If you kick a chicken at elephant you expect the chicken to take damage while elephant only gets angry.

It wasn't that hard after all, other than the bug when monsters are kicked to water: they seem to freeze there, unable to realize that they are in water.

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