Sunday, 30 December 2012

New year released soon

I guess it is unless world is going to end. It didn't end in 21. December which was a bit of disappointment even I'm not a believer of ends of world. It means I have to go on and try to finish Teemu's next version.

I've scanned through and improved level themes. There are two themes which need more work than others, but then the world structure is ready again. The big issue is how to create content in form of game objects. I have an attempt to create a data-driven system which allows new game objects without any special tweaking. Then I'm going to use up to all ascii letters for monsters and items.

However game object generation is the only part with that kind of system, because in other areas I'm just fixing problems fast when I find one. I'm not trying to create a neat engine based solution, because that kind of stuff is time consuming.

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