Friday 14 December 2012

Vacation days

Due to strange vacation day law my vacation days had been stacking and there were 9 on them which we noticed at the workplace yesterday. So from today to end of year I'm in vacation. For unknown reasons you have to keep vacation days so here I am. Of course this is great time to crunch some projects. I'm programming all three major projects, but I'd like to get Teemu's version 1.3 ready as soon as possible, because there is not that much missing from it.

I have good plan how to proceed in Teemu so it's quite nice project compared to Kaduria and Brick Atelier. However there is one thing I have refactor out from Teemu. It's the message event. I realized that when the regular message type went to kind-of event type (added in a list) it's confusing the event message system which I suppose is displaying messages in wrong order. Other than that there is just regular content stuff and trying to figure out more generic way to create monsters and items in levels.

It could be awesome to get 1.3 ready before Christmas, but I'm a little bit skeptical about it.

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Joseph said...

Maybe you can get it in soon enough for the annual roguelike of the year poll?