Monday, 3 December 2012

Digger part 2

Experimenting with steps and cloning values I soon noticed (which can be considered obvious) that fast cloning rate fills the entire level and leaves very small empty areas.

This version is made with 4 steps and 2-4 cloning rate. However turning fast makes the clones reach dead end quite soon.

This is more relaxed version with 4-11 steps and 3-6 cloning rate. More steps means longer corridors and makes possible for small empty areas to appear. This generator is actually quite good as labyrinth, since it's all connected, just pick locations from opposite sides for start and exit.

So how about roomies? Or rooms, as I tend to call them. One idea I had was actually create some rooms first, then labyrinth routine would go around them, but you could connect rooms later with a simple search routine to create a connecting piece of corridor.

Or it could be possible to extend some of the dead ends to rooms, or even search for those empty spaces and turn them into rooms.

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Joseph said...

When your diggers die they can explode into a room of appropriate (or random) height and width. Don't worry about the rooms fitting. Let them overlap several tunnels.

I tried that with mine but it was unnecessary after I allowed my diggers to dig adjacent to empty space and then killed them off if they were not adjacent to any walls (starvation).