Tuesday 18 December 2012


More or less vacationing. I had big plans, but I guess I'm applying (r)est command for now. Took an interest to finish an ongoing home (music) studio project by ordering some equipment. I'm also building a 1x12 guitar amplifier cabinet from an old combo, removing the amp part from it. I guess Christmas time is making me kind of lazy. It's like waiting for it to pass and then life can continue. Why do we have Christmas at all? Everyone is spending money like crazy.

Forays Into Norrendrin is a cool new roguelike. It could have more catchy name. It's highly tactical and looks like it's got only practical stuff in it. Everything you do has some kind of meaning, every item and spell must be used wisely. There are some interesting design decisions like weapons and armour which are fixed, you carry a selection of them with you from the start and use one at a time.

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