Sunday, 31 March 2013

Creature data design

Back a while I got excited about data-driven approach. It's still good, but if you type in data entries as C++ struct it can get messy. You know, those long lists of data for each struct data type. Then I realized you don't need to list everything as raw data. You can program a switch-case for some data type in a function that returns some data. It's better if you have like only couple of special cases and the rest of creatures are regular in that matter.

I think some of the data entries for creatures could be changed to switch-case style before I really start to add more creature types. Luckily there aren't that many creature types in Teemu so it's much more manageable than let's say the same problem in Kaduria. At the same time I need to start thinking some issues in AI and combat to improve the role-playing system of Teemu.

Actually there is some spark in the way that I feel it's possible to extend Teemu a lot from what the current release version is and it doesn't require impossible amount of work.

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