Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Teemu on Bay 12 forums

There is a thread in Bay 12 forums about Teemu. I found it now about three years later. I also got some e-mail feedback when the first version was released, but nothing since then. Anyway, it was fun to read the experiences of players. I could get used to it, because it's somehow rewarding to know that people play the game.

It's also interesting to discover that players don't always do what you expect. Teemu is strictly plot-based and you should follow the plot to win. At least that was the plan. For instance the guy who started the thread didn't realize how the wire should be used. I thought it was essential to survive through the forest. Someone else told me that he killed all the pirates. How he did that? It was supposed to be impossible.

The main idea for the new version is create alternative ways to proceed in the plot (which mainly is about finding key items). The "problem" is that when the plot is less strict it can be easier to build a situation where it's impossible to continue. The good thing is that the player is responsible for that, in a way.

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