Saturday 23 March 2013

Tedious parts

I'm in a process to create another roguelike project. I'm kind of bored to finish Teemu 1.3 and, well, Kaduria... need to say more? One of the things in game development is that some parts of it are tedious and boring. I realized that when I think of a new project it usually ends up in my blank face staring at nowhere. You can always start with some kind of framework or using previous project as a framework.

Then what? I strongly believe that I was able to finish the first version of Teemu simply by using an actual plan written on paper. I drew the world map and locations on a piece of paper. I was thinking, why not use that approach again? Even there is no world map in this game. I should draw the layout of dungeon levels on paper and plan as much as I can.

It should prevent the blank face syndrome, because then you at least know what to do. How to reach the goals of the plan. Oh, I think I'm going to call the game 'Agduria'.

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