Saturday, 2 March 2013

The halls of Agduria

Agduria was kind of joke I presented back some years. I think it never was a real game project at all. Yet it has a page in Roguebasin. What the hell guys? I think Roguebasin has a lot of game projects that will never be a real playable game. Just remove them. It's difficult enough trying to find something in Roguebasin. Also I think various Angband stubs really need another web page. They aren't interesting anyway.

Jo had an idea for a 7DRL project to search an existing roguelike with tiles and then try to paint better graphics for it. It's actually a good idea, because roguelikes can have a bit rough implementation of tiles and it even feels like fun, something else than writing source code which can be boring sometimes.

The bios battery of my laptop died again. I guess it was old, because I found it somewhere. Need to get a new one from somewhere, then slightly improve the way the battery is connected. If it doesn't work then there is some problem in there. A new laptop could be a viable option, only this time try to find a computer that doesn't suck in so many ways as Fujitsu does.

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