Monday 9 October 2017

Teemu ARRP Diary 10/3

Changed some things in lighthouse levels, but still not sure how to handle the terrain situation with bottom and the top levels of the lighthouse. Maybe it could be copied in dynamic way always from bottom level to top, because the bottom level exists before the top level is visited. It would also remove kind of hacky routine to copy the map to world class to store it there. The only problem are objects, but the top level could have another set of objects anyway and you couldn't "see" the objects from up the lighthouse.

Working with the ancient cave theme I was using a new routine to create caves. It's a simple "drunkard" algorithm, but it can be used in levels the same way 'small' rooms, mixed with other types of creation. It's really simple, but effective way to create natural looking caverns. And with small percentage value of coverage I think it looks even better, because when it covers less areas it's somehow nicer than trying to create more coverage, then it becomes kind of messy. So I think it works best when used with other features.

Next themes to check out are all new, so they require more work than the others. I think expanding the game world has been fun, when you try to think possible places you could still fit into the theme of the game and in the environment of the island.

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