Wednesday 11 October 2017

Teemu ARRP Diary 11/3

I'm working on a new theme and found out that the room creation has to be different than it is now. At the moment room spaces are destroyed by anything created on it like corridors. It's a simple way to make sure everything is connected. But the new theme requires that rooms are preserved, so... Luckily I have lot of experience from this type of creation schemes.

The way I plan to approach this is using "path point" locations for rooms and other places. When paths are created they are outside the room area and need to be connected with doorways. The search requires stuff like checking out existing connections (to avoid stuff like several doors on the same wall) and also checking for "double wall" situations where rooms are created next to each other. This could be also avoided by checking out rooms and giving it some space between them, but I think it's better just check for double walls and punch a hole to connect two rooms that way.

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