Sunday, 1 October 2017

Teemu ARRP Diary 9/3

The room generation bug had a surprising source: the level was created twice. I forgot that when the level is visited first time it's created and then I also called Create() for second time. It wasn't clear even there were surprisingly lot of items created on second time. I was searching the bug from room creation for a while before figuring it out.

I'm now halfway of level themes. Some themes are easier than others. There are also shared features that could use some improving like the way 'small' rooms are created. At the moment the routine is scrolling through the entire level and creating rooms where it finds empty space for them. A better alternative is find one place at a time randomly, so you could give levels a limit for small rooms and also for their size.

Next I'm going to tackle lighthouse levels which are pesky ones. The top level is ridiculous, because it has to be also the bottom level. I'm trying to think could it be somehow possible to use the same level for base terrain, but only replace the lighthouse itself, because when you are at the top it should be the same level when you look at it (same objects on bottom level). I guess one way to solve this could be true 3D levels, but I really don't want to go there, at least not right now.

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