Monday, 23 October 2017

Teemu ARRP Diary 12/3

I was sick for a week, but I'm getting better. I rarely have flu to be honest, but it's often harder than usual when it hits. Must be my age, I'm old.

Last time I recall talking about the new level theme and new requirements for it. A generic routine related to that I have been programming is a path/corridor routine with a funny kind of twist. I had an idea to store possible door places into the path class when the path is crossing a room wall. Just a side note, the path itself is also stored, because then it's easy to find midpoint from it and make new paths from that location.

When door places are stored you don't need to find them later with another type of routine. The way paths cross the room's wall is finding possible door places in "automatic" way since the path has to cross the room it's travelling through. The routine isn't perfect yet, it has problems with corners of rooms, but I'm planning to fix that by making the path routine go around corners. Also, of course for this to work rooms has to have at least one space between them. So I might ditch the idea for close proximity rooms I had before. 'Small' rooms can be used for that since they can be attached to other features.

Winter is quite early this year. The first snow has already fallen, but the climate change has made winters unpredictable for the fall to winter transition time.

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