Sunday, 14 December 2008

Ideas of Teemu

This entry contains some spoilers from Teemu so win it first and read this next. Before the release I was talking about some new (for me) ideas I had while developing Teemu:

1. The strategic situation in spider cave. Spiders don't want to go in water, but there are lots of them and you need to wipe out them in some way or quickly get to the chest and get the item. This kind of strategic situation could be set up in many different ways.

2. Moving platform (the ship). In Teemu it's only a part of the end scene, but could really be used to travel on water. Ships or smaller vehicles are less used in roguelike games.

3. Grab command, something that could be more complex, giving new kind of interactions with the game world.

I think all these will find their way to Kaduria.

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