Tuesday 2 December 2008

Serialization part 2

Save game routines are now ready. I'm taking this carefully, because I want to have bug free save and load routines. I'm constantly checking with hex editor that the save file contains proper data. I also wrote new packer routine for maps that are saved to reduce the amount of space they take in the save file. Loading is going to be more difficult, but I'm sure it will work fine without big problems.

The pathfinding problem is annoying, because I know from experience that I'm going to spend a lot of time to create it. There are also some bugs in throw routine, which has been difficult in Kaduria as well.


Anonymous said...

Make a simple pathfinding. Just to create the feel that monster's a behaving half-intelligent. This would be enough for a first release.

Krice said...

I want to try something different, but I guess it's also some kind of pathfinding. I was thinking that the monster could just follow the edges of the terrain formation for some amount of turns when it's unable to reach the player. With that monsters should be able to go around simple obstacles.