Friday 5 December 2008

Teemu ready for testing

Teemu is ready, only some minor details missing like level descriptions and maybe some game world interactions with new terrain tiles. I have an odd feeling now, because this will be my first game released in a long time and for a moment I was worrying how people will react to it when they may have certain expectations. Well, I can only blame myself for being such an ass with all that stuff about Kaduria and how it will become the next gen roguelike surpassing every major roguelike.


Anonymous said...

I think people will respect your efforts and if something does not meet their (our) expectations, this should not worry you.

If you wish, I could beta-test the game before you release it to the public. Thus you could receive a first feedback.

Krice said...

I want to do testing myself, I really hate when people release unfinished games and players have to test it for bugs etc. New roguelikes are notorious for that. Well, I guess the first release of Teemu is going to be a kind of beta test. I'm sure that I have to do v1.1 to fix bugs and features.

By the way I just won the game first time. It's way too easy, but I have couple of ideas how to make it harder.

Anonymous said...

This is what I meant: Just recruit me as tester, so you don't need to release it unfinished ;) But it's okay, just take your time.