Sunday 7 December 2008

Test stories

I have tweaked items and monsters in Teemu and haven't yet won the game. I have included messages warning about hunger, but still I died two times in starvation. Maybe the food meter is too fast. I could slow down it a bit and make food items less powerful. What I like in this game is the way you can get in trouble fast if you make a mistake and I do mistakes a lot. This game is practically ready, but I still have to win it to release it.

Then there is one little thing to do.. I have to compile the project with DevC++ to get rid of Visual C++ dependency of .NET. GCC also has good optimization options. There are some VC-specific stuff I have to give an option for GCC, but I think it's going to be just couple of small things.

Actually it was just two warnings with -Wall. One was returning -1 from unsigned char return value and other was unused variable. That's all. I can't believe there were no other problems. It took about five minutes to set up the DevC++ project and compile it.


Anonymous said...

So can we assume that, after you've won it again with the adjusted food things, you will release it? :D

Krice said...

I don't know. I ran into a strange problem I can't explain. When I compile with gcc it's somehow changing the way monsters move, and it's doing that bad way. They actually run away from the player and then get stuck in walls. When compiled with VC++ this problem is not there, everything is working like it should. Just what the hell could be wrong in gcc?