Tuesday 19 March 2013

7DRL results

Over 300 game projects, some made it to a game. I think we need a summary of these games with clear indications on how well they made it as roguelikes. But who wants to do that? It's all mess now, no one knows what happened and what kind of games were made. There were too many of them.

I think 7DRL contest should be a way for developers to get contact in roguelike game development and try out ideas. But it wont make any difference if nothing else happens. If those game projects are left like that, unfinished or too light weight to be anything else than @ moving on screen.

When people talk about how easy it is to create a roguelike, they are talking about 7DRL games. Now try to create a real game with complexity of a major roguelike. Then you can call it easy.

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Legend of Angband said...

I tried going through the entries that were delcared finished. But then I got busy and that was that.

Umm I did not know it was easy to create a roguelike. I burned up a lot of hours with my 7DRL entry this year. It was not all that easy.