Sunday 15 December 2013

Background color

While I have to think how I'm going to implement that new message routine I can always improve other parts of Teemu. An idea I had from one discussion at Rogue Temple was background color as option. This is another thing from the past (maybe it's in some current roguelikes) that the background color is always black. But sometimes it could be nice to try another background color, because black with bright colors can have too much contrast.

I have already programmed a background color option, but it's only for GUI parts and needs matching color sets for things like window background, stats, cursor color etc. Then there is the gameview which I think could have another option for background color, but it needs even more careful approach as not to make some font colors too difficult to see.

I think it's now likely that 1.3 is not ready before Christmas, but it's possible that it wont be delayed to next summer either.

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