Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Plans for 2014

This year was not so great. I did improve Brick Atelier, but it's still missing important tools which are obvious each time I try to draw something with it. Maybe I have to find a real painting program that has the features I'm looking for.

Teemu is now in pretty good shape, the next version will be released in about two months or so. I hope it will be something much closer to a roguelike, with new more complex RPG system and more sandbox-style approach in the gameplay.

Kaduria is a mystery as always.. It's got a lot in it, but more content is needed. Things like AI, combat, level themes etc. I'm only happy that it has such a solid engine without tons of bugs.

This year's roguelike for me was Forays Into Norrendrin. The new version is amazing. It's highly tactical, combat-oriented game with solid user interface. I like all the small details like sliding along walls when walking to them diagonally and easy look command.

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