Saturday, 7 December 2013

Exciting development report

I've focused on fixing Player class. When thinking of the new combat system it could be quite easy to do, because you need to change only limited amount of source code.

There were not one but three bugs in Player::Eat to my surprise, but then again when I was programming the original version it was like an extended 7DRL so things went fast. Those bugs were only logic related (didn't crash the game or anything like that). The first one was that you couldn't eat a coconut, but it was erased from the inventory as if consumed. Then there were a check against item type if the item you ate was your weapon. It could fail. The third bug was that everything was delicious (fresh) or foul while there should have been also normal food items.

First day of this Christmas development time was quite nice. Mostly I know what to do, so everything feels much easier than when I'm programming Kaduria.

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