Monday 15 December 2008

LambdaRogue 1.3

Still don't like the 5 tile height gameview in large tile mode. It's ridiculous. I think Mario should just dump all other modes and make one good graphical view to the game with enough visible tiles both in vertical and horizontal direction.

I don't like the dungeon algorithm either. It's maze-like and boring to explore. When I think of mazes and particulary corridors I think they shouldn't just run here and there. The dungeon should have a clear idea, whether it's just for storage room or place that someone actually lives. No one lives in a maze but minotaurs.

There are more dungeon features like barrels to kick open. It's nice, but if they are all just scattered randomly in a maze it gets boring quite fast. I think that distinct level themes are the proper way to create nice gameplay, which then form the game world with different locations to visit.

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Anonymous said...

I think the dungeons in LambdaRogue HAVE a clear idea; the idea is: People don't want to live in the dungeons, but they are forced to do so, because it's the only place left for them. Read the in-game lore and the intro texts for more info on this.

Overall I think the dungeon layout is more interesting than e.g. in Angband (I compare it with Angband, because Angband also has non-persistent oversized dungeons).

Regarding the the large tile mode: As the video which I just posted in my blog shows, the next release will have a bigger visible area in large tile mode. Besides, it is also possible to switch between big and small tiles ingame.

Now the only way to increase the visible area in large tilemode would be to increase the window size. But this is something for >1.5.